Photography comes under our still image services and covers a huge variety of subject material. The most popular photography services requested by our clients include corporate head-shots, modelling portfolios, boudoir, fashion and makeup.


Our videography services play a major role at Nexus Research. We film most types of events covering marches, demonstrations, rallies, corporate, speeches, awards and product launches just to name a few.


This is our cinematography service and is very popular with new and aspiring film makers. A unique aspect of this service is also the way it is tailored to help actors progress their acting careers within the film industry previously hampered through traditional approaches.

Visual Effects

This is one of the fastest growing areas in the film industry today and Nexus Research is a front runner in this field.  With over 25 years invested in computer animation technology development covering areas such as flight simulation, 2D and 3D animation and product visualization, we are uniquely positioned to bring together the worlds of reality and imagination.


Many of our clients already operate in the media industry, but many smaller scale organizations frequently cannot afford a permanent in-house team to undertake interviews at short notice. To address this, Nexus Research has established a friendly and professional service that supports typical interview scenarios working closely with minimal production staff provided by the client.

Data Services

The modern film industry is broadly digital in nature. But the amount of footage that exists which remains in an analogue format on tape, such as Betacam, is enormous. Many of our clients have an ongoing need to transfer historical footage from tape based mediums to a modern digital format. At Nexus Research we provide fast and efficient transcoding and data conversion services to address this need.