Portrait Photography

Portraits are more than just head shots and for this reason we treat portraits as a completely different class of photography. Unlike corporate head shots, portraits of people can tell a story of success, confidence and mood just as well as hardship, weariness and toil. Our photographers engage with our clients through their own experience to capture the sense, especially through the eyes, that there is much more to tell.

From £85 per hour


Aesthetics Photography

Aesthetics procedures are intricate, often complex and delivered with enormous skill. Training and dedication are common hallmarks of successful aesthetic practitioners who gain huge benefits from professional film and photographic recordings. This is especially true once training is completed but also as an ongoing exercise to provide an opportunity for revue and consolidation of required practitioner skills.


From £85 per hour

Beauty Photography

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if you have it – why not flaunt it! At Nexus Research we capture every intricate stage of beauty procedures. Highly experienced beauticians and those new to the industry who wish to showcase their skills will find Nexus Research to be a perfect partner in providing help and support along with the expertise needed to ensure our customers achieve their goals.


From £85 per hour

Corporate Events

Everything from wine tasting, team building and prize giving to internal meetings, product launches, conferences, training workshops and Christmas parties is of huge value to an organisation and worth photographing or filming professionally.


From £550 per day


Corporate headshots normally serve to keep a running record of staff for reasons of identification, security and health and safety along with other general staff identification purposes. Although seemingly mundane in nature, we do not consider this a good enough reason to accept a lower standard. Indeed the opposite is true due to the fact high quality and professionally produced photographs evoke empathy for others, show staff in their best light and improve company branding as well as self-branding.


From £55 per hour

Family Events

Family events are important to so many for a number of reasons not least of which is an opportunity to create a cherished collection of precious memories. When Nexus Research is hired to film or photograph family events we approach the task as if it was an event for one of our own families.


From £55 per hour

Film and Video Production

If you want to enter the television or film industry you need a body of work which demonstrates your ability to act and follow direction. This body of work is a collection of previous acting roles you successfully auditioned for and subsequently were hired to undertake. This body of work is called an acting portfolio. Your initial application for an acting role is supported by your acting portfolio from among a large pool of other talent with their own supporting acting portfolios. Unfortunately, if you do not have an acting portfolio, you are unlikely to be considered for an invitation to audition.

To address this problem, Nexus Research provides a safe space to build a high-quality, professionally produced acting portfolio without the need to have been hired for a previous acting role first, and in doing so, bypassing all possible hazards. The training isn’t easy, but you will end up with a body of work which you can proudly present to anyone or any organisation. For this reason, Nexus Research is unique in the media and film industry.


From £250 per day

Aerial Photography

Nothing in photography or film can compare to the unique perspective offered literally through a bird’s eye view. Everything from an outdoor wedding or a racing event to remote lakes, rushing rivers and mountain vistas will leave the audience wanting more.


From £1800 per day